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Cargo transportation

Our company organizes international container transportation “door to door” from countries of Europe and Asia by combining se, railroad and truck transport.

We have our own vehicle fleet of trucks and many years experience of cooperation with the leading railroad and shipping companies. The necessary material and technical basis lets us guarantee safe cargo delivery with optimum correlation price-quality just in time.

We carry out transportation of standard goods (household appliances, textile fabrics, industrial equipment, furniture, metalware, building materials, etc).

Fright weight:

Up to 22 ton in a container

Provide order documents in a loading port, namely: CMR, transit declarations, TIOR.


The given form lets you calculate approximate transportation price to definite points. For more exact price information you need to contact our managers
Cargo weight(tons)

Coopiration stages

Conclude a cooperation contract and issue a transportation order
Choose an optimum route and transport for cargo transportation
Loading, shipping, reception of a container with cargo at the customs point.
Delivery and transfer of cargo with the necessary papers to the destination place. Payment for services.

Сontainer types

For cargo transportation we use ISO standard containers of universal and increased (HC) sizes of the following types:

  • general purpose containers (DC): 20', 40', 40'HC and 45';
  • refrigirator (RE): 20', 40', 40'HC и 45'HC;
  • Open Top containers: 20', 40';
  • Flatrack containers-platforms: 20', 40'.

In each particular case we select a container of needed sizes and capacity, which helps to save time and low the container transportation expenses.

  • 20’
    • Length: 5 898 mm
    • Width: 2 352 mm
    • Height: 2 393 mm
    • Volume: 33,2 m3
  • 40’
    • Length: 12 032 mm
    • Width: 2 352 mm
    • Height: 2 393 mm
    • Volume: 67,7 m3
  • 40’HC
    • Length: 12 032 mm
    • Width: 2 352 mm
    • Height: 2 698 mm
    • Volume: 76,4 m3
  • 45’
    • Length: 13 556 mm
    • Width: 2 352 mm
    • Height: 2 698 mm
    • Volume: 86 m3


The selection of transport and optimum routes is made taking into account cargo features, its location place and a final destination point, conditions and urgency of a transportation. Such a deliberate approach lets us guarantee a most efficient and safe delivery kind of your cargo.

Why to choose container goods transportation:

  • Universality.Different containers kinds and types let you place various goods in them.
  • Economy and efficiency. Today, China is “an assembly workshop of the whole work”. Daily millions of goods are produced there. The most inexpensive and fastest means of their delivery is by container transportation. Your cargo will be safely delivered to a destination point: hard construction of sea containers lets you transport goods over long distances without any damage.

We draw your attention to the fact that for container transportation from European and Asian (especially China) countries for transit we use the following Western Europe ports:

  • Riga (Latvia)
  • Klaipeda (Lithuania)
  • Gdansk (Poland)
  • Hamburg (Germany)


additional cargo insurance if required by a customer;
full maintenance of documents circulation;
goods consolidation in the territories of Europe, Asia and CIS;
coordination of customs formalities;
transportation tracking and control on all stages.

The “Priority-Trans” company guarantees safety and security of your cargo throughout the entire route, providing comfortable and qualitative service in the sphere of international transportation.

Trust is important for us!