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We have a replenishment!

14.04.2015 the “Priority-Trans” company bought one more truck for a transportation of all kinds of containers. Scania R440 of ecological class EURO5 was bought at Scania Concern plant in Zwolle (Netherlands). New technologies, used while producing new trucks, make it possible to save 5-8% fuel with large power of 440 hp. This quality influences substantially on cost of each transportation. Comfortable conditions, created for drivers at their working places, have a positive impact on quality and speed of our service. We see what others do not…

Semitrailer container truck Kogel was bought in Hamburg (Germany). A sliding construction of the container platform allows to transport all container types: from 20 to 45 feet. It is also possible to transport two 20 feet containers on one truck.

Buying new trucks, rapidly developing even in crisis conditions, “Priority-Trans” confirms the company’s reliability and partnership stability. Our team will fulfill with full responsibility all tasks placed upon it, exactly within the set time limits.

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